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How To Provoke Readers

Sometimes, you want readers to learn everything they can want to know about a subject from a single article alone. Other times, you want to generate a response: you want them to ask questions, you want them to challenge your opinions, you want them to discuss it with their friends and so on.

Getting Your Sales Letter Off To A Good Start

Used in advertising since the 1800s, sales letters have proven to be among the most enduring forms of marketing. Not only that, they’ve remained highly effective after all that time and continue to be play an important role to this day.

Ignoring Those Burning Grammar Questions

Sometimes, you’re writing and you can’t decide the right way to put something down.  Should it be a comma here or a semi-colon?  Should I add a conjunction or leave it empty?  Is it right to add one more adjective or is it too much?

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