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Ignoring Those Burning Grammar Questions

Sometimes, you’re writing and you can’t decide the right way to put something down.  Should it be a comma here or a semi-colon?  Should I add a conjunction or leave it empty?  Is it right to add one more adjective or is it too much?

When you have one of these nagging issues in your head, your writing usually gets stumped.  Instead of letting the ideas flow, you end up with a bunch of questions that leave you doubting what you’re putting to paper.  Suffice to say, it’s not the best way to work.

If you ever find yourself getting held back by niggling grammar questions, the best recourse is to make a guess and keep writing.  Seriously.  Debating in your head about grammar specifics is helpful during proofreading, but it will only delay the work of finishing your draft.

Want to be a more efficient writer?  Learn to ignore that urge.  You can put a mark on it (like a highlight), so you’ll know exactly to return to it once your draft is done.  Or better yet, use a grammar correction software and have it go through the draft.  It will flag all errors and suggest fixes, so you don’t even have to concern yourself with getting anything wrong.

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