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How To Convey An Objective Tone

When you peruse the web for writing advice, you’ll see people recommending that you try to write in a more personal tone.  It’s a good suggestion to heed, too, since it leads to a richer and deeper relationship with the reader.

Problem is, not all writing has to be that way.  Sometimes, especially when you’re writing for academe or official industry publications, you’ll need to write with a more detached tone.

Writing produced in this manner will need to be performed in an objective manner, for the most part.  How impersonal it has to be written will depend, in large part, to your particular field and the accepted norms for expressing ideas on paper.

That’s right, there’s a degree.  Most of the time, it will still make sense to assert your identity as the author.  However, knowing when to do so is often the point of confusion.  For instance, using first person pronouns throughout a paper is common in mathematics, but is generally shunned in many fields of engineering.

If you’re doing a thesis or preparing a paper, make sure to consult someone knowledgeable (e.g. your advisor) about this.  Most industries will also have style guides published by professional organizations that you can follow.  Lastly, there are some specialized writing software out there, designed specifically for specific professions.   You should exhaust all those avenues if you wish to produce a piece that adheres to all proper standards.

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