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How Sentences Become Illogical

Logical sentences aren’t difficult to produce. If you have a subject and a verb, you can construct a simple sentence that makes sense. However, sticking to such basic construction throughout your work can lead to writing that reads very poorly, so you combine sentences and vary your structures.

Sometimes, though, the results aren’t as you hoped they would be.

No logical connection. Does your sentence even make sense? Many times, we’re so invested in our work that we fail to see logical failings even when it’s staring us in the face. That’s why having a second set of eyes to read your paper (or, at the least, waiting overnight before revising) is a necessary step.

Lists that don’t belong together. Look for lists of items in your work and make sure they make logical sense. Many times, students end up including logical unequals in a haste to satisfty word count requirements.

Be careful with your metaphors. Some people are good at figures of speech; others suck. The incongruence a bad metaphor can cause between your subject and your verb can leave many readers scratching their heads.

Plain ambiguity. Sometimes, your statements are just ambiguous. Make sure there’s only one way to interpret any sentence you put together, lest risk giving people the wrong idea.

As always, a good writing assistant software can help in more ways than you probably imagine. Laden with advanced algorithms, they may not be able to catch every writing folly, but they can definitely help show you the way.

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