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How To Leave The Reader With A Positive Impression

Want your reader to put down your paper with a positive impression left in their minds?  Do these things and you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Present complete ideas.  Make sure you don’t burden them with half-baked ideas that are more frustrating than enlightening.  If your arguments require more proof, then add more proof – don’t expect your readers to fill in the blanks.  They won’t.
  2. Be respectful towards your readers.  Think of your readers as smart and reasonable individuals, and that same attitude will be reflected in the tone of your writing.  That’s being respectful and it’s a characteristic that any audience will appreciate.  Try picturing the opposite and you can imagine the kind of reactions you will evoke (read: not good).
  3. Write in clear and concise language.  Readers want to hear your arguments, understand your points and evaluate your reasoning.  The best way to let them do that is to write in a clear and concise manner.  How can they make their own decisions about your writing, otherwise?
  4. Use a grammar software checker.  Having a paper riddled with grammar and mechanical mistakes leaves a very unprofessional impression on your readers.  Are you really so lazy you couldn’t even spend 10 minutes working with an English grammar corrector to automatically detect and fix your writing mistakes?

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