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7 Ways To Vary Your Sentences

The SVO sequence (subject, verb, object) is the most basic sentence pattern in the English language.  Many who begin writing for the first time string words together in this manner.  If your writing skills are currently limited to this structure, here are seven ways you can adjust your SVO formations so that your paragraphs sounds vibrant and energetic.

1. Turn your sentence into a question.  Rearrange the statement so that it asks a question and you’ve got instant variance.

2. Turn it into an exclamatory statement.  Similar to the first technique, changing it up to express stronger emotion helps you alter the way your paragraphs come across.

3. If it’s active, make it passive (and vice versa).   Even though active verbs are better generally better, inserting a few passive constructions help vary the way your sentences sound.

4. Combine it with your next sentence.  Rather than writing out a basic sentence, turn it into a compound or complex one by combining it with succeeding sentences.

5. Add a transitional phrase.  Insert a way to transition from the previous statement to both vary your sentences, as well as keep your ideas connected.

6. Start with a participle.  Change your verb by using a participle form, rearranging the sentence so that you lead with it.

7. Throw in new modifiers.  Add new adverbs and adjectives to change the way it reads, altering your verbs whenever necessary.

As always, make sure to check your new sentences with a good grammar checking software.  It’s even more crucial when changing text up to vary your sentences to ensure you don’t accidentally include mistakes during revision.

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